Free Palestine. Stop the Genocide…

Join UNAC and others at the Surround the White House protest. June 8 marks 8 months of US-Israeli genocide of the Palestinian people, and marks the 54th anniversary of the occupation of Gaza. A month ago, Biden said that the invasion of Rafah was a red line. But now, the invasion of Rafah has continued for weeks, has expanded to the entire Gaza Strip, Biden’s red line is nowhere to be seen. Instead of following through and stopping military aid to Israel, Biden has authorized billions more in weapons shipments to be used to kill and massacre Palestinians.

Biden can’t draw the line, but we can. On June 8, we will come together from across the country and surround the White House. Wearing red, and raising our demands high, we will show the world that we are the red line. We demand an immediate ceasefire, an immediate end to the siege on Gaza, the freedom of all Palestinian prisoners, and an end to the occupation of Palestine.

Stop the Genocide! We are the red line! Free Palestine!


P.S. – Saturday, July 6, 2024 – Alternative Summits

No to NATO Alternative Summit, 9:30 am – 5:30 PM

St. Mark’s Church, Capitol Hill 301 A St SE, Washington, DC

Resist NATO Coalition People’s Summit, 5 PM – 9 PM

New York Ave. Presbyterian Church, 1313 New York Ave. NW

Washinton, DC

Sunday, July 7, 2024 – March and rallies

Resist NATO Coalition, noon, McPherson Sq. Park,

1010 Vermont Ave. NW Ste 221, Washington,

DC followed by march to No to NATO rally.

No to NATO rally, 2:30 pm Lafayette Sq. Park

at the White House

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