From the River to the Sea all of Palestine will be Free

As the people of Gaza are facing a genocide planned and orchestrated by Israel, the US and its European allies are complicit. US bombs from US plans and artillery are killing the people of Gaza who have no way to avoid the horror. They are being forced to stay in Gaza as death comes out of the sky. It is a war crime to not allow civilians out of a conflict zone. It is a war crime to starve civilians to death, deny them water, electricity, and fuel. It is a war crime to bomb refugee camps, mosques, and hospital. These are crimes against humanity. Netanyahu is a war criminal but so is Biden.

The world is watching this horror unfold on their TV screens hour by hour. It is exposing the true nature of Zionism and US imperialism, and the world is reacting. Three hundred thousand marched on Washington as tens of thousands are taking to the streets in cities across the country.

Millions have demonstrated in Iran, Indonesia, Yemen and across the world. Eight hundred thousand turned out in London at the most recent of their weekly rallies for Palestine. Though some European countries have banned demonstration for Palestine, showing how democratic these “Western Democracies” actually are, people have turned out in their hundreds of thousands anyway.

It will not be the spineless politicians who will end this genocide. There is no one but ourselves and the courage and strength of the Palestinian people that will eventually end this horror. A lasting peace will only come with an end to Zionism and an end to imperialism.

Stay in the Streets!

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