Statement by the United National Antiwar Coalition and by Code Pink on the US attack on Syria

UNAC condemns the US bombing of Syria authorized by President Biden. The Biden administration has been in office for only 36 days and has already launched its first military attack against Syria. Biden’s justification is that the US was attacked in Iraq. The US has no right to be in Iraq, Syria or any other country. More than 1 million people were killed in Iraq due to the US invasion and occupation, and countless refugees were created. The Iraqis and the Syrians have every right to use whatever means necessary to remove the US forces from their countries.

Trump was the most truthful about US intentions in these two countries. He said the US wants the oil and he went on to steal the oil rich area of Syria and occupy it with US forces. Syria badly needs the revenue from its oil to rebuild the country devastated by the US sponsored war. That war included US, Israeli and NATO bombing raids, harsh US imposed sanctions and a private mercenary force of over 100,000 – financed by the US and its allies – that entered Syria to attempt to overthrow the government.

UNAC calls for groups to protest the US aggression. We demand:

End the bombing of Syria!

End the sanctions!

Bring all troops and mercenaries home now!

Integrative Text by Code Pink: Condemn the Biden administration’s bombing of Syria and tell Biden to immediately de-escalate. We need peace in the Middle East! Dear President Biden. We vigorously oppose your February 25 bombing of Syria. Syria is a sovereign nation. The militia you targeted poses absolutely no threat to the United States and is actually involved in fighting ISIS. Your actions simply escalate existing conflicts in the Middle East. This is not what you promised during your presidential campaign and it is certainly not what the American people want. –

Commento di Alice: “After failing to prioritize diplomacy and rejoin the Iran nuclear agreement, Biden has now, barely a month into his presidency, reverted to the use of military force in a region already shattered by two decades of U.S. war-making. This is not what he promised in his campaign and it is not what the American people voted for.”

Commento di Marco Palombo: “Dovremmo chiedere al governo Draghi di pronunciarsi contro i bombardamenti e a favore dell’accordo con l’ Iran sul nucleare che gli USA con Trump hanno disconosciuto senza motivi reali ma che Biden non vuole a sua volta confermare. C’è una strategia interventista di Biden nel Medio Oriente e dobbiamo iniziare a contrastarla da subito. Ricordo inoltre che a inizio marzo papa Bergoglio si recherà in visita in Iraq.”

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