Seeking one’s soul mate and oneself bathing under the Full Moon – Program: from the 5th to the 12th July 2009 – Barbarano Romano and Calcata

To demonstrate that love cannot and must not be violence we will draw on the celebration of Saint Maria Goretti, that happens on the 6th of July, the latter was killed in order not to give in to a venal love. In this historical moment in which violence towards women is coming to its peek of widespread ness, it is important to re- establish the value and the meaning of romantic love, based on the capacity to produce common goals between male and female, like simplicity and beauty, creativity and mutual understanding, solidarity and innocence. For this reason we have thought of a party that could unite these ideals but without giving up respect to oneself and one’s qualities. As a matter of fact there is a tendency to lower the level of one’s dignity just for social reasons and material fulfilment.A party to celebrate the encounter, between man and nature, between feminine and masculine. A simple project to live the different values re-creating a social tissue in the territory. This initiative to countervail and to turn away the phantom of indifference and of prevarication is received by some men and women that recognize themselves as human beings. During the manifestation there will also be playful moments and the possibility of exchanging gifts. Therefore, we will be looking for the soul mate… Which is none other than the reflection of what we accept in ourselves. This ceremony will take place in two different moments and in two different places.


The 5th July at Barbarano Romano (Viterbo), in the Marturanum Park.

At 10.30a.m., Walk in the historical centre of Barbarano and in the “forre” underneath the Marturanum Park. At 3 pm, there will be a “reflection in movement” to find synergies and humus for a social and ecological liveability, there will be the inauguration of an exhibition of artisanal objects, small home bricolage, jams and preserved foods, dried herbs and artistic master pieces on the theme: “soul mates”. At 4 pm there will be a meeting to express opinions on the historical and environmental similarities of Narce on the Treja and Luni on the Mignone, poems and music, a dialogue on the concept of “Soul Mates” and we will remember the figure of Saint Maria Goretti. At 8 pm, convivial dinner and symposium on the subject of shared love, it will be held in the space in front of the library, in Vittorio Emanuele Road. The exhibition of artistic master pieces and artisanal products will remain open in the ex Church of “Sant’Angelo, in Vittorio Emanuele road at Barbarano till Sunday 12th July.

On the 7th July 2009 at Calcata (Viterbo), in the “Valle del Treja” Park

At 6.30 pm, beginning of the Bath under the Full Moon at the “Circolo Vegetariano VV.TT.” The Full moon in July helps us to escape from the common ways of thinking and feeling, we will spontaneously feel we are getting out of our bodies and recognizing ourselves in something different from the usual way of reasoning, and deciding things in advance. On the 7th July at Calcata we will hold the meditative part of this program, a time to think about how we show ourselves externally, is it really what we are inside? Can we think that we are ready to meet our soul mate (that at this point corresponds exactly to oneself) At 8 pm, sharing of vegetarian food that each one shall bring.

Paolo D’Arpini

The manifestation is organized by the Circolo Vegetariano VV.TT., by APAI, the Art promotion in Italy association, and the “Barbarano Culture” association.

We have requested the patronage of the Marturanum Park, of the del Valle del Treja Park and the Viterbo Province.

(Translation from the original Italian of  Ilaria Gaddini)

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