UNAC: “Stop US/NATO Wars and Sanctions…”

More than 90 actions have been listed for our week of actions and around Martin Luther King Day. These actions are helping to make our movement more visible at this crucial time when we are threatened by nuclear war. At the same time we are seeing a war-induced economic crisis that is effecting working people throughout the world.

UNAC has been able to bring together forces to protest the war in a way that has helped unify our movement . Nationally, the actions were endorsed by a wide range of groups who in many places, were able to work together in local coalitions to build the actions.

While most focused on Ukraine, the actions linked ALL the continuing US wars and sanctions. This is helping break through the propaganda and censorship that saturates each and every war.

Stop Washington’s war moves toward Russia and China!

Stop endless wars: Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Palestine, Yemen…. everywhere!

No to NATO!

Money for human needs, not war!

No Weapons, No Money for the war in Ukraine!

“We are now experiencing the coming to the surface of a triple prong sickness that has been lurking within our body politic from its very beginning. That is the sickness of racism, excessive materialism and militarism.” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’


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