Ukrainian missiles on Poland which invokes NATO article 4 – Missili ukraini sulla Polonia che invoca l’articolo 4 Nato

A blast that killed two people in Poland was most likely an accident caused by a Ukrainian defense missile, NATO and the Polish president said.
Wednesday, November 16, 2022

A missile that killed two people in Poland does not appear to have come from Russia, according to President Biden.

President Biden has pledged support for an investigation into a missile that killed two Polish citizens in an explosion, but suggested to reporters that the missile probably had not been fired from Russia. “There is preliminary information that contests that,” he said, citing the missile’s trajectory.

His comments came after Poland held an emergency meeting of its national security and defense council. It follows an announcement by the Polish president, Andrzej Duda, that he would most likely call for invoking Article 4 of the NATO charter, under which members confer when a nation’s territorial integrity or security has been threatened.

The Kremlin has denied any involvement in the explosion, and no evidence has emerged that the strike was intentional, or that Russia was responsible. Russia yesterday bombarded Ukraine’s electrical infrastructure, in one of the widest aerial attacks since the invasion began.

Conference: Two diplomats from NATO countries said that NATO ambassadors would meet in Brussels this morning to discuss the situation. President Biden joined G7 leaders this morning to discuss the situation in Poland. Asked by reporters after the meeting whether the missile had been fired from Russia, he suggested it was not.

In other news from the war:

President Biden asked Congress to approve an additional $37.7 billion in assistance for Ukraine, including more than $21 billion for weapons.
Leaders at the G20 summit urged an end to the war, citing challenges to their nations from conflict and economic headwinds.

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Comment by J.E.: “Now in compliance with Art. 4 of NATO must bomb Kiev …?

Parziale traduzione in Italiano: Missile ucraino sulla Polonia – ULTIME NOTIZIE – Dal New York Times: “Un’esplosione che ha ucciso due persone in Polonia è stata molto probabilmente un incidente causato da un missile di difesa ucraino, hanno detto la NATO e il presidente polacco. Il missile che ha ucciso due persone in Polonia non sembra provenire dalla Russia, secondo il presidente Biden.

Il presidente Biden ha promesso di condurre un’indagine su un missile che ha ucciso due cittadini polacchi in un’esplosione, ma ha suggerito ai giornalisti che il missile probabilmente non era stato lanciato dalla Russia. “Ci sono informazioni preliminari che lo contestano”, ha detto, citando la traiettoria del missile…”

Commento di J.E.: “Ora in rispetto dell’Art. 4 della NATO bisogna bombardare Kiev…?

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