Counter actions against NATO… what to do?

I am a street journalist, mostly as a war correspondent, which is one of the factors that make me very weary of those that promote migrations, as I know, I have seen, what it means for people to leave their homes, community, country, roots, history, culture, to go and be forever a stranger among strangers. To me this is Nato’s and the US’ worst crime and the NGOs who pretend to be saviours at sea and are nothing but a pull factor for new slave labour, are their accomplices.

What to do about Nato?

Our situation in Italy is tremendously weak. The times of great demonstration against wars, the US and Nato are a distant dream. The so-called left has either betrayed and gone home, or joined the enemy ranks, or has been from the beginning a Fifth column of the empire.

It seems that something is developing in the sense of refusing the European Union Beaurocrats’ undemocratic financial and economic cage and regaining a degree of souvereignty even away from Nato. But sofar this happens at discussion level, very little mobilization. Against the US-fascist coup in Bolivia we managed to only gather some 20 people in front of the Bolivian embassy.

Sad, but that’s it.

On the other hand, I am a journalist and try my best to provide people with a different information and outlook.

All I can do is forward our exchanges and quests to others that have some organizational capacity.

I insist, despite all well-meant reasoning with some excellent points to be shared.

But most of these extremely juvenile mass movements are conceived and directed behind the scenes by the powers that be.

They appear out of nothing, are very well organized, have perfect logistics and communication, all of a sudden are provided with materials such as mobile kitchen, tends, gasmasks, etc.

They are usually totally unpolitical. They make anonimous targets, such as adults, or previous generations, generally responsible. Never a Mr. Amazon, or a Mr. Google, or a Mister Monsanto/Bayer, or a Mr. Exxon, or a Mr. Pentagon.

Their extreme, almost terroristic dramatization of the climate issue, nullifies what should be our priority proeccupations: war, genocidal sanctions, pollution, food and hunger, forced migration, health, education.

Statistics tell us of the phantastic ignorance of our teenagers, getting gradually more and more illiterate, thanks to the end-of-the world-weapon which is the worshipped digital technology. Yet they are so mature, so well informed (by whom?), so experienced that they may well take to the street and tell all of us what to do. Nobody tells them of the fight of fake liberal democracies against “dictators”, Russia, China, Iran, Syria, Libya, all of Africa, North Korea, where “dictators” should be read as governments following a path inconvenient for US and Euro totalitarianism, and its one and all-comprising and dikating thought: T.I.N.A.

Please lets avoid naivity. What does it mean that Soros finances most NGOs helping people to abandon their homes, countries, cultures, communities and alter the balance, identity and community of others, only to provide capitalism with the age-old industrial reserve army, aimed at lowering workers’ rights? What does it mean that the MSM glorify homosexuality and LGBTQI, to the horrible point of using poor women’s womb? Might there not be a plan to reduce population in excess? Or are we conspiracy theorists whn we look behing the scene that an absolute minority of rich and powerful presents in order to hide its plans and workings?

As to Mee Too, what is the benefit to capital if the struggle against the élite is being replaced by the fight gender versus gender?

The trick is to work up and exploit positive feelings, such as solidarity with migrants, opposition to violence on women, avoiding environmental damage, and then using it for purposes that are exactly the opposite. That’s how some can call George Soros or Jeff Bezos, or Bill Gates, or Ted Turner, or Rockefeller “philantropists”. By the way, all of these are funding the “anti-establishment” Extinction rebellion heroes. So, some say that among those manipulated or engaged by these “philantropists” there may well be weelmeaning, sincere, clean persons,and that we should open dialogues with them. But that doesn’t take us anywhere. These outifts are well guarded and disciplined. The best one can do is unmask their patrons.

Fulvio Grimaldi – A correspondence with women against nato

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